Mark your calendars, Monster Kids!
On the weekend of July 11 & 12, the monsters are in revolt as Kaiju con-line takes over the internet!

What is kaiju con-line?
With the cancelation of the annual gathering of kaiju fans, a few motivated monster maniacs are replicating a small portion of the fun with their fellow fans on that same weekend, like a virtual convention.

Over the weekend, a myriad of online activities are available for kaiju fans around the globe to enjoy – all for free.

Yes, KAIJU CON-LINE is a free event! We are making this show as awesome as possible and hope you have a monstrous time at Kaiju Con-Line from the comfort of your own home!

Kaiju-Conline Begins


Yes, this completely online event will actually include celebrity guests! Plus, we are so thankful to have been sent a number of welcome messages from our Japanese friends for our kaiju fan attendees.

Artist Alley

We’ve put together a list of amazing artists of monster talent, with a gorgeous gallery of their kaiju artwork, so you can find the creators of these pieces. Some of the artists will be streaming on a number of platforms, which will be available in the schedule


In addition to presentations & panels live-streaming all weekend, our team has curated a number kaiju galleries and are showcasing a ton of video content during the event. Check the schedule for programming you might enjoy!


What would a kaiju convention be without the space to shop? Our curated list of kaiju sellers will no doubt be ready to fill your shelves with monster collectibles.